Wreaths for Every Occasion

Wreaths for Every Occasion

When you think of a wreath, the tune of Jingle Bells may play ever so quietly in the back of your mind. The famous Christmas wreath has inspired an all season extravaganza of crafting possibilities. When you are looking at options, it may sound like an excerpt from a Dr. Seuss passage. Wreaths are big and small from Winter white to crispy Fall. Crafting Wreaths is a fan favorite as they cover any topic, occasion or season you can think of. They are not extremely difficult to make and can hold the length of your imagination. Wreaths can decoratively display what we hold near and dear to our hearts. From family memories to the very things we believe in, you can design a wreath to represent them all. They make great d├ęcor for your home and also are very charming to give as gifts. Our year is full from the first day to the last. There are many moments and celebrations throughout that we can use as our muse.

The wreath starts with a shaped form. You can get multiple sizes and types that will be dependent on the materials you want to use. If you have heard of scrapbooking, you are familiar with the detailed trinkets and symbolizing items. The same concept is used for fashioning wreaths. Christmas wreaths are generally made with items that are found specific to the season or holiday. When you gather your accessories, pick what signifies your topic. Keep in mind, the colors you opt for will need to be consistent with the ideas you are working from.

Decorations at home can be used in any room of the house. Using a similar style will blend beautifully with the existing setting. Using photos to make a wreath can be an inspired alternative to framed collages. Taking the hobbies of the household, you can style a wreath to match the varying interests. Aspiring chefs, artists and sports enthusiasts are good places to start. School pride and national denominations alongside holidays will keep your wreath making hands busy.

Personal occasions and milestones can happen without a lot of time to plan. Before you buy a gift, consider making a wreath to mark the occasion. Celebrations such as:

  • Births
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • Achievements
  • Thank you
  • Congratulations

There are many reasons we can find ourselves celebrating. Wreaths are inspiring to make. There are so many fun things you can incorporate. Different threading and material will change the look from one to the next. Pearls, sea shells and lacey touches can completely transform the basic wreath. Think of what the seasons or occasion means to you. If you love April for the colorful birds and budding flowers, then it should find its way into your Spring Wreath.

Crafting gives you the chance to turn your thoughts into an art form. Taking the time to articulate your craft will result in a wreath that is more than just a decoration. It will be a genuine expression of your own thoughtful style.