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Valentines Crafts for the Class

On Valentines Day, we see the Art department turn into a heart shaped palooza. Schools host classroom parties where Students are able to bring their imagination with a wide variety of Crafts. Secret crushes and candies are sent with all of the hopes for the future. Keeping with tradition, many of the projects are made at home and then brought in the day of the celebration. As Parents, we are able to grab out our hidden stash of glue, scissors and crayons and help create the Valentines masterpiece of the Year.

There are several fun ideas floating around for Valentines Day. It is hard to choose just one as we get swept away in the images of Heart shapes and glitter. You will find extensive projects that seem to require welding machines and blow torches. This may be a little hefty for a kitchen table and hot chocolate scene. To make it easier, we have condensed the festive Holiday into friendly craftable choices.


Homemade cards are simple to do and can be personalized for each friend or family member. You can use a variety of items that will turn into hearts and smiles. Valentines Day Cards can be small or large with an array of cuts, colors and creativeness.

Common items used include:

  • Paper Lace Doilies
  • Construction Paper
  • Card Stock
  • Glitter and Small Embellishments
  • Scissors, Glue and Colorful Writing Utensils

Pipe Cleaner Crafts

Pipe cleaners are fuzzy little bendable sticks of genius. They can be shaped or molded into anything you would like. Coming in an array of colors, you can cut them to size or use them as is. Pencil toppers are quick and fun to make. Foam cutouts or shaped pipe cleaner can sit on the top as the rest is wound around the end of the pencil. You can also innovate Pipe people and animals that are cool for school parties. Complete them with a set of googly eyes and key chain clip for a usable gift.

Book Marks

Encourage reading with homemade bookmarks for the group. Each one can be personalized with names or left simplified with decorations. Pressed flowers, tissue paper, stickers or cutouts can be used to mark the occasion. Card stocks, a laminator and tassels, feather or braided string is perfect for the finishing touch.


Both boys and girls can enjoy headbands made at home. Pipe cleaners or wired crafting supplies can be added to basic headbands turning each student into a character. Lady bugs, hearts and fuzzy poms are charming while aliens, Bear ears and sports themes could cater to the fellas in the room.


Children of all ages love to be hands on. A clever Valentines Day concept involves putting together small kits of crafts. Instructions can be printed in multiples on a sheet of paper then cut out for each individual bag. Goody bags or small boxes can hold the contents of the kit keeping it ready for the fun to begin. Valentines Day Crafts for the classroom are an annual tradition. Candy is always an option, however giving the gift of creativity is sugar free and a memory in the making.