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Tips for Crafting Your own Birthday Cards

Whether for friends or family it’s not always easy to pick out the best card to give people on their birthday. And usually, despite the amount of time you may have spent picking that card they likely won’t go appreciated for more than a minute. In my opinion the best way to give someone a card whilst simultaneously showing them that you genuinely care about them is to make one yourself and being the crafty type you are, I have no doubt you agree. Though it can be hard to know where to start, so let’s take a look at a few ideas that will help you get going.

Fold Out Card

Making a fold out card is easy yet can produce some of the best results, check out this example of a fold out birthday bear by Shouldn’t You Be Studying. You can make them as simple or as complex as you’d like and include any interest or passion of the person you’re making it for. Are they a dog lover? Make a dog behind a fence. Car lover? Car in a garage. Are they pizza crazy? A pizza in a takeaway box, you get the idea.

3D Elements

Crafting often means finding things and sticking them to other things. Cards are perhaps the best example of this, sticking real things to a sturdy card can help produce excellent results. If you’re looking to make something a little quirky a why not draw some charming stick people and use buttons or pennies for heads? Or maybe you want something that cuts straight the core of the birthday theme? Sticking real candles to a self-drawn birthday cake can make for a pretty cute design.

Pop Out Effect

Everyone loves a pop out effect and it’s so easy to do. Simple cutting out some card, folding it the opposite way to the card itself and sticking it down can produce a strangely satisfying effect that will please anyone. You can arrange them in different sizes and create a pile of gifts that’ll look charming. You can also create some miniature pop out bunting in the centre of the card by gluing string to either side of it and sticking small paper triangles to the string, maybe even write a message across it? If you’re feeling wild you could always try both!


You could simply go out and get a store-bought envelope and it likely wouldn’t affect the end result of your awesome homemade card. Though maybe you’d rather go the whole nine yards and make your own? Well why not? It’s a simple enough task, simply place a square piece of paper or card below your home-made card, make sure you tilt it diagonally, so that it looks like a diamond. Then fold each corner over the card, either stick the corner together (lightly so they can be opened with ease) or tie a bow round the whole thing. If you’re feeling classy you can even use wax to seal it like the days of old, though be careful that stuff gets hot.