The Smart Secrets of Crafters

The Smart Secrets of Crafters

Working on a Hand Crafted masterpiece requires perseverance and a MacGyver level of resourcefulness. It is bewildering how a small piece of fabric, a string and jar can bring the calmest of Crafters to the brink. Crafting takes a steady hand, a precise eye and an intricate amount of creativity. Smart secrets of Crafting geniuses have paved the path with tips and how to hints.

There are times our project may take an unfortunate turn. Stubborn corners and details that lean to one side can be frustrating. Glue and tape are wonders of the Craft world, however, may not be able to correct every glitch you happen upon. There are a few tricks Crafters keep in the pocket of their apron. Having these items handy offer a simple fix when conventional methods do not seem to stick.

Pipe Cleaners – These fuzzy and wiry sticks are a superhero in Craft Ville. They are bendable, twistable with an adaptable purpose. A variety of colors are offered to blend in to the Craft without leaving tracks. It is useful to attach details together with a fastened finish.

Wire – Thin plain wire can be used to wind and hold just about anything. Different thicknesses are matched to the size and weight of the pending project. The wire is undetectable and has a stronger hold than thread or certain adhesives.

Dots – Small round sticky dots are sold with a double sided stickiness. Lightweight and a stretching consistency is suitable for an array of materials. From corners to card stock, these little dots are a saving staple in a Crafting tool box.

Double Sided – Similar to dots, you can find tape and Velcro that has two sides. When glue or regular tape are not a fit for the material you are using, try the double sided types for more security.  Peel and stick adhesive makes it an easy choice for Crafting.

Pro Cuts – Crafters use several forms of supplies and fabrics. A good ole’ pair of kitchen scissors don’t always make the cut. Being able to slice and dice to exact measurement will require cutting tools. Blades, knives and specialty scissors open the door to a number of materials that can be utilized.

Clamps – While most of us are used to reaching for the encyclopedia to hold a craft in its glued place, the pros use a different tool. Clamps come in all sizes to accommodate big and small crafts. It assists pieces in the bonding process and is a best kept tip for the Crafting table.

When you enter into a Crafters domain, you will most likely see a stash of Dots, Tapes and Knives. They are accessories that are most useful when they within arm’s reach. Keeping them close and in continual stock will ensure they are available at a moments notice. You may not be able to prevent a problem with your project, yet with these tips you will have a solution.

And remember, failing is not always a bad thing, you can only improve after it!