The Modern Memory Box

The Modern Memory Box

Memorable moments are meant to be cherished and kept in a box in the attic. Wait… what? The tradition of a remembrance box is intended to hold the best memories from months, years or even decades of our life. These boxes preserve our prize possessions for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

After scrapbooking became a phenomenon, crafters took our memories to the next level. Personalized crafts and displays bring our favorite times and trinkets out of the attic and into a modern way of remembering. Yesterday meets today with a whole new creative perspective.

Keeping Your Memories

Shadow Box While this is not an entirely new concept, Shadowboxes are making their way to the top of the list. Creating themed displays of your memories will be kept in pristine shape using a sealed shadowbox.  From first dates to a Baby’s first tooth, you can be as festive and innovative as you would like. You can buy a shadowbox or make your own in any size or shape. They make great decorations and gifts for the whole family to enjoy.

Photo Books In lieu of photo albums and scrap books, you can now make hard bound pages with your photos. Telling a story or recounting the tale as it happened will be complete with actual photos to illustrate your book. You can use your own applications or custom order them to your design. This is a fun way to organize your pictures and ensure they are preserved.

Wood Transfer With a little bit of time and materials, you can transfer your photos to wooden pieces. The pictures becomes imprinted to the wood making this a favorite of many crafters. You can pick the shape and stain of the wood to match your current theme or the time line of the photo. Making your own wooden design is simple. Here is a wood and photo transfer tutorial to get you started.

Wreaths and Jewelry – For the Nostalgic charms and baubles in your box, try incorporating them into a wreath or jewelry. This will display them for you to see and bring a smile to your day. Any occasion or holiday wreaths are perfect to show off the kid’s special gifts through the year. Turning stones or special items into a necklace or bracelet will keep them close to your heart.

Odds and Ends – You can incorporate memories into just about anything these days. Coasters, coffee mugs and Quilts are unanimous favorites. Making a shadowbox out of a coffee table or stand is also a popular idea for collaborating home décor with our memory boxes.


Crafting and creativity go hand in hand. With these brilliant ideas, you will have the next few projects planned out and ready to create. Personalized gifts and décor have a special meaning. They are made with a thoughtful touch. Moving your memory box out of the closet and into a modern display is inspirational. A dash of nostalgia added to the day promises your memories stay refreshed.