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Modern Crafting Party Ideas

Crafting gatherings were once a tradition that brought the neighbors together. Sewing circles have paved the path for an artistic meeting of the minds. Modern times mingle with familiar concepts adding a fresh spin to quilt clubs. Entertaining friends or family of all ages with a crafty venture has topped the charts of party ideas. You can chat, craft and coffee or pour a glass of wine for the occasion. There are several fun ideas you can use to create your own artsy jamboree.

Plan a Crafting shin dig the smart way with a list in one hand and your imagination in the other. You can choose a theme you are familiar with or ask a guru to attend to help guide the process. Pick a date in advance so your pro can definitely attend. When you mark the date on a calendar, the time will tell if it is a snacking soiree or a meal time moment. Menus, beverages and snacks will sum up the backdrop of the event. The star of the show will be the creative craft of the day.

Now that the wheels are turning, you may be wondering what kinds of projects you can incorporate for your guests. Hands on and creative are the two main prerequisites when looking at your options. Trending ideas that have been gaining popularity are both easy to access and enjoyable to put together.

Painting Party

Color your evening with a painting party! Once you have your guest list, prepare individual stations with a smock of sorts, brushes and paints. You can paint on a canvass or chosen craft item such as glass, ceramics or baskets. It is wise to have a drop cloth available and cleanup essentials within reach for spills. You can have a specific still life subject or leave the door open for some self-expression.

Pottery Palooza

Working with pottery is artistic and therapeutic. This is a great idea for a monthly or weekly get together. You can make gifts, keep sakes or a little something for yourself. Most pottery projects will need baked to set. Make sure you have an oven available for the tasks at hand. To keep the mess to a minimum, opt for simple versus complex ideas.

Crafty Candles

Candle making comes in all shapes and sizes. Colors, forms and scents can be added for a personalized look to each candle. Homemade candles never go out of style. Your guests will love designing their own unique pillar or votive to display in their homes. This is a project that is safest when organized with all of the proper materials. For a fun effect add petals, ribbons and trinkets to put on final touches after they have cooled.

Guests will love getting in touch with their creative side. Great company and good conversations are a great accompaniment to your crafting itinerary. Everyone can bring home their creation while checking their calendars for the next Crafting party.