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Handcrafting the Perfect Gift

The perfect duet is sharing your favorite crafting hobby with those you love and care about. Gifts are a significant part of celebrations and everyday inspirations. Friends and family will appreciate the thoughtful gesture while enjoying their homemade gift. When you are choosing what to make and for whom, you will want to consider their lifestyle and the occasion. Breaking down the recipient into these four categories will help narrow down the options:

  • Home- Décor or Accessory
  • Couple- Wedding, Anniversary, Personalized
  • Individual- Graduation, Birthday, Celebration, Personalized
  • Youth- Toys, Games, Room, Dorm, Personalized

Once you have the subject, now you can work on the fun part…. the topic! The gift you are going to cleverly craft will be the vision that brings together what you are going to make and the friend or family’s personal style. You can create something that can be used daily or set up decoratively. Colors, materials and designs will come together brilliantly when you use your subject as your muse. Artistic options can cover an entire field of possibilities. In order to plan ahead, you will have to solidify the means and method before you hit the store. Knowing who, what and how are the three key ingredients to your crafty recipe. Gift ideas can cause us to float back and forth between several outlines or concepts. The following brainstorming notions may help inspire your next crafting topic:

  • Decorative items can vary by stylish applications; dream catchers, Wreaths, Picture frames and Hand painted crafts are all promising prospects.
  • Useful daily items offer a cheery thought when they are used. Totes, Keychains, Jewelry, Hair accessories and Scented sachets make wonderful presents for any age.
  • Making crafts for kids are a colorful way to show you care. Fun satchels, door hangers, bags and memory boards will bring a bright smile to the occasion.
  • Pottery, wood works and florals are fashioned into spectacular handmade pieces that are sure to be cherished.


Using these suggestions can bring you one step closer to crafting the perfect gift. Collaborating a personalized touch to your craft is a sincere concept. Memories and special moments are shared through the use of handmade treasures. The philosophy behind giving gifts is to show your appreciation for the other persons role in your life. For thousands of years, gifts were made to represent the meaningful connection between family and friends. With the right innovation, we have access to everything we need to Personalize your items that will take gift giving to an entire new level. These are a few ways to add a personal touch to your design:

  • Picture Gifts
  • Monogrammed Items
  • Cherished Memories
  • Special Dates of the Year
  • Milestones

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. From crochet a wedding dress to photography, crafting is a true art form. We all have a specific type of craft we enjoy making and joyfully giving. With some imagination and brilliant ideas, you  will have the beginning of a gifted celebration. After all, few things can be better than something made with your own two hands, good intention and fondness suffusing the item.

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