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Craft Your Own Home Scents

Home Scents create the ambiance of our home. We buy everything from sprays to warmers in hopes they will last longer than a couple of weeks. Lucky for us, scintillating scents have made their way to the craft scene. With the upward availability of essential and aromatic oils, making your own scented crafts is simple. You can incorporate your favorite fragrance into a creative presentation. From sweet or spicy to fresh and floral, you can find scents to match your style.

Before you begin, take into consideration the colors and decorative stance that follows through your house. This will keep you in theme when designing your crafts. The aromas of your home are served as an accent. The delivery should compliment its surrounding without detracting from it. The fun thing about crafts, is you can literally make it to your own specification. You can vary from table top designs to hanging scents that are both in view or hidden away.

Easy Scented Breezy

In a matter of a few moments, you can be on your way to a personalized “scentsation”. Your preferred scented oils can be applied to any absorbent or porous material. Plastic is not recommended as it will not hold . If your oil is highly concentrated, dilute it with water in a small spray bottle. Generously apply it to your craft of choice and cover it in plastic to allow a melding process. Some ideas that are small and quick can include burlap squares, cloth flowers or cotton balls in a decorative jar. Natural items such as sticks, pine cones or branches will need to be thoroughly dried out before you start the process. You can put finishing touches on them with ribbon or any crafty items you may have on hand.

To take it up a spool or two, you can gather your glue gun and resources to craft more intricate pieces. This is a great opportunity to recycle dried flowers and make a batch of scented potpourri. You can use this for filling of your crafts or aspire to use other scented paddings as the project calls for. Satchels, small wooden hoops with glued material for backing and mini pillows are cute and fun. Ornaments and holiday décor can be festive while dispersing the scent of the celebration. You can also raid your pantry for some helpers. Dried orange or lemon peels paired with cinnamon sticks are eye catching and adaptive.

If you really want to get into the craft groove, Scented candles and wax melts are a little more time consuming, but absolutely worth it in the end. You will need the right tools, waxes and molds to make them. You should pick the color, scent and mold prior to beginning your homemade candle making method. Wax melts are made the same way as candles with altering techniques. With some patience and creativity, you will have a craft to enchant the scent that you will call home.