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Craft Combinations – Two Hobbies in One!

The fact that you’re reading this article, or have even visited this website, means that you’re probably already deep into the world of craft and crafting hobbies. Perhaps you have one favourite craft that you stick to and want to pick up some new ideas for it, or maybe you’re wanting to branch out into a new craft altogether. Whatever your aim, we’re here to help and inspire.

One great idea for broadening your horizons is to combine two hobbies into one. If you feel stuck in a rut with your stitching or knitting, then picking a subject that you’re already interested in and focusing your crafting around that can really help to kickstart your creative flow. For example, if you’re a keen sportsperson, why not make your next crafting project centred around your team’s colours? Or if you’re a big fan of the movies, you could choose your favourite character to base your next design on. The possibilities are endless.

Crafting place

Crafting place

And so are the benefits! By combining two hobbies, you can widen your circle of friends and fellow enthusiasts, finding connections in places that you never would have thought to look for them. By pursuing two interests at the same time, you can really feel like you’re expressing your own creative flair and individuality, whilst getting to know people that have similar passions to you. This makes crafting more rewarding and fun.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can combine your hobbies to create brand new, exciting projects.

Cross Stitching

As a craft, cross stitching is fairly open-ended; with some graph paper and a pencil, you can make a design out of pretty much anything and transfer it successfully to Aida fabric. This gives you enormous scope when it comes to marrying two hobbies together. A really cool way to get the most out of cross stitching, however, is to use bold geometric designs. These types of images transfer well to cross stitch because of their straight lines and the ease with which you can build them from the tiny crosses that give the craft its name. For example, cross stitching is perfect for fans of poker, blackjack and other card games. If you’ve ever used online gaming platforms like PokerStars Casino, then you’ll have seen how much fun designers can have with the shapes from a standard card deck. Let your imagination run wild and you can come up with some great designs using the instantly recognisable symbols of hearts, aces, clubs and diamonds. Next time you host a poker evening, just watch your guests be impressed by the handmade themed décor!


Whether you’re an adept at knitting, crocheting or both, the world is your oyster when it comes to this well-loved woolly craft. Take crocheting – due to the nature of crochet stitches, it is relatively easy to successfully create animal and bird designs, even if you’re still a beginner. You might want to take some direction from the experts to start off with, but once you get the hang of it you can recreate your favourite animals whether you’re a keen twitcher or love to collect minibeasts. You can even fabricate woolly versions of beloved pets or mammals that you’d find in the back garden. Knitting also lends itself well to creating 3D renditions of real world objects, though you’ll need to master a bit more than the basic stitches and think about how to maintain your creature’s 3-dimensional shape once it’s finished. Due to the nature of knitting, it may take a little longer with more direction from experienced knitters before you get the hang of it, but once you do you’ll be overjoyed with the accuracy you can generate through creature knits.



Lino Printing

The art of printing gives itself over to bold designs that don’t feature too many ‘fiddly bits’. Because of this, it’s great for text work or easily recognisable shapes like the leaves of plants and human features like eyes and mouths. Don’t feel intimidated by these facts though; you can still take this craft to wherever you want to go, the sky’s the limit. If you’re a big sports fan, this might be the perfect opportunity to recreate your team’s logo or title in print, or even your favourite player’s jersey number. Prints like this can look great framed and hung on the wall, giving a subtle nod to your diehard dedication to the team. They also make great gifts for fellow fans, and look stylish in the home, rather than garish and overwhelming. They’re great for adding that personal touch to a sector that can be heavy on the mass marketed souvenirs but still inspires plenty of heart in its followers. Once you’ve perfected the art of lino printing, it’s fun to branch out into other interests like movies, television and music.