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Craft Your Own Home Scents

Home Scents create the ambiance of our home. We buy everything from sprays to warmers in hopes they will last longer than a couple of weeks. Lucky for us, scintillating scents have made their way to the craft scene. With the upward availability of essential and aromatic oils, making your own scented crafts is simple. […]

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Handcrafting the Perfect Gift

The perfect duet is sharing your favorite crafting hobby with those you love and care about. Gifts are a significant part of celebrations and everyday inspirations. Friends and family will appreciate the thoughtful gesture while enjoying their homemade gift. When you are choosing what to make and for whom, you will want to consider their […]


Craft Combinations – Two Hobbies in One!

The fact that you’re reading this article, or have even visited this website, means that you’re probably already deep into the world of craft and crafting hobbies. Perhaps you have one favourite craft that you stick to and want to pick up some new ideas for it, or maybe you’re wanting to branch out into […]

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Fun Family Craft Nights

Handmade Crafts are a genuine expression of creativity. When children and teens are involved, they turn into whimsical works of art. Working on a crafting project as a family can do more than produce display worthy masterpieces. It also promotes unity, patience and acceptance within each member of your family. Together, you can inspire the […]