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Crafting as an Occasion

Crafting is the art of creation. Taking small details and turning them into something wonderful is the byline of every Crafter. Your gift can be used in many ways. From everyday at home items to themed events, you can Craft your way to an all-out occasion. Finding your niche can spread across many creative platforms. […]

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The Smart Secrets of Crafters

Working on a Hand Crafted masterpiece requires perseverance and a MacGyver level of resourcefulness. It is bewildering how a small piece of fabric, a string and jar can bring the calmest of Crafters to the brink. Crafting takes a steady hand, a precise eye and an intricate amount of creativity. Smart secrets of Crafting geniuses […]

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Modern Crafting Party Ideas

Crafting gatherings were once a tradition that brought the neighbors together. Sewing circles have paved the path for an artistic meeting of the minds. Modern times mingle with familiar concepts adding a fresh spin to quilt clubs. Entertaining friends or family of all ages with a crafty venture has topped the charts of party ideas. […]

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Craft Your Own Home Scents

Home Scents create the ambiance of our home. We buy everything from sprays to warmers in hopes they will last longer than a couple of weeks. Lucky for us, scintillating scents have made their way to the craft scene. With the upward availability of essential and aromatic oils, making your own scented crafts is simple. […]

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Handcrafting the Perfect Gift

The perfect duet is sharing your favorite crafting hobby with those you love and care about. Gifts are a significant part of celebrations and everyday inspirations. Friends and family will appreciate the thoughtful gesture while enjoying their homemade gift. When you are choosing what to make and for whom, you will want to consider their […]


Craft Combinations – Two Hobbies in One!

The fact that you’re reading this article, or have even visited this website, means that you’re probably already deep into the world of craft and crafting hobbies. Perhaps you have one favourite craft that you stick to and want to pick up some new ideas for it, or maybe you’re wanting to branch out into […]

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Fun Family Craft Nights

Handmade Crafts are a genuine expression of creativity. When children and teens are involved, they turn into whimsical works of art. Working on a crafting project as a family can do more than produce display worthy masterpieces. It also promotes unity, patience and acceptance within each member of your family. Together, you can inspire the […]

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Wreaths for Every Occasion

When you think of a wreath, the tune of Jingle Bells may play ever so quietly in the back of your mind. The famous Christmas wreath has inspired an all season extravaganza of crafting possibilities. When you are looking at options, it may sound like an excerpt from a Dr. Seuss passage. Wreaths are big […]

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The Modern Memory Box

Memorable moments are meant to be cherished and kept in a box in the attic. Wait… what? The tradition of a remembrance box is intended to hold the best memories from months, years or even decades of our life. These boxes preserve our prize possessions for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. After scrapbooking became […]

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Organize Your Crafts in No Time

An indication of a great artist is their organized supplies…. said no one ever! Most artists and crafters alike have a work station that can become an ordered muddle of tools and materials. Once the creativity flows it is a continued motion that doesn’t leave a lot of tidying time until after the project is […]