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Awesome Craft Ideas for the Home

Decorating the home is a big job, not only that but an important one. We usually have a very specific idea of how we’d like our living spaces to look, whether its bright and bold or cosy and quirky it can sometimes be hard to find the perfect items to match our visions. Sometimes the […]


Valentines Crafts for the Class

On Valentines Day, we see the Art department turn into a heart shaped palooza. Schools host classroom parties where Students are able to bring their imagination with a wide variety of Crafts. Secret crushes and candies are sent with all of the hopes for the future. Keeping with tradition, many of the projects are made […]


Creating and Crafting for Charity

Crafting for a Charity can help you to explore your talents while bringing a touch of sunshine to someone’s day. Around the world, there is communities, groups and individuals who can use a friendly gesture. There are steps to take when collaborating a Craft with your designated cause. While taking inspiration from those who are […]


Tips for Crafting Your own Birthday Cards

Whether for friends or family it’s not always easy to pick out the best card to give people on their birthday. And usually, despite the amount of time you may have spent picking that card they likely won’t go appreciated for more than a minute. In my opinion the best way to give someone a […]